La Reclusa Title Narrower.jpg

Fall 2013 CINE Golden Eagle Award recipient

Director's Choice Award for best student short film at the Rincon International Film Festival.

Synopsis: Mariela Monllor, is a recluse landlord that collects rent through a lavishly decorated rent box in the hallway. Her only contact with the outside world comes in the form of rent checks and HBC orders. After a new tenant, Gabriel, accidentally destroys her rent box, she begins a written exchange that will redefine the boundaries of her world.

"La Reclusa" is a Spanish language, NYU graduate 12-minute short film. 

This film could not have been made without the help of my amazing crew members, actors, and post-production support; by people that donated their time and energy to make this movie come to life. 

Directed by: Marly Hernández

Produced and Written by: Stephen Schuyler + Marly Hernández

            Mariela: Carmen Cabrera
            Gabriel: Martín Bacigalupo
            HBC Host: Marly Hernández Cortés

            Assistant Director: Apolline Berty
            2nd Assistant Director: Christina Abdo

            Director of Photography: Marly Hernández Cortés
            Assistant Camera: Shawn Spitler
            2nd Assistant Camera: Sam Chamblee

            Production Designer: Stephen Schuyler
            Wardrobe:Daonne Huff
            Wardrobe: Carmen Cabrera
            Art: Colleen Kwok
            Art: Alicia Spitler
            Art: Assal Gwhami
            Art: Aimée Schaefer

            Sound Mixer: Stewart Macote
            Sound Mixer: Stefon Bristol
            Boom Operator: Ben Kalb

            Gaffer: Alex Keyes
            Hallway Gaffer: Tony Sur
            Electric: Stefon Bristol
            Electric: Adel Morales

            Hair & Makeup: Sasha Seifer
            Hair & Makeup: Carmen Cabrera

            Composer: Tim Rurkowski
            Post Production Coloring: Tony Marino
            Editor & Sound Mixer: Marly Hernández Cortés
            Editor & Sound Mixer: Stephen Schuyler

            Catering: Jillian Lazzaro